Sacrificing Safety

On the 6th of May 2020, without warning, a methane explosion occurred on the Grosvenor Mine's LW 104 face engulfing 5 mine workers. Suffering life threatening burns all of the miners miraculously self escaped from the face and were transported out of the mine. Emergency medical treatment and some luck saved their lives. This was the closest Queensland Mines have been to a major mine disaster in almost 30 years.

Ten Pathways to Death and Disaster

It should be mandatory reading for every current and future mine manager and supervisor (and every other management position at a mine, whatever you want to call them). The information analysed from so many incidents and disasters is extraordinary. It is a great piece of work. The information on this page is reproduced with permission from Michael Quinlan, but let it be your motivation for getting a copy of the book. Whilst the rest of this site is about the tradegy from the past, here, Professor Quinlan offers us the path to a safer future. Let us not repeat the mistakes of the past. This book is a great first step to a safer industry.

Tragedy at Pike River Mine

ON A SUNNY AFTERNOON IN NOVEMBER 2010, a massive explosion rocked the underground Pike River coal mine, deep in a mountain range in New Zealand's South Island.

A hundred and one minutes later two ashen men stumbled from the mine's entrance. Twenty-nine men remained trapped inside. Tests revealed extremely high levels of carbon monoxide in the mine and the presence of fire, conditions deemed unsurvivable.


Managing Major Hazards – Lessons from the Moura 2 Disaster

The book discusses many deeper contributory factors than the actual Warden’s Inquiry Report and the Coroner’s Report. It is an excellent analysis of the matters which ultimately led to the explosion which resulted in the deaths of 11 miners. It underpins the awakening to the concept of risk consequence and Principal Hazards (in mining).


Lessons from Gretley

Disaster struck at Gretley coal mine near Newcastle in November 1996. Miners inadvertently broke through into the flooded tunnels of an abandoned mine, and a wall of water rushed in with enormous force. A mining machine, weighing nearly 50 tonnes, was pushed 18 metres along the tunnel, until it jammed sideways. Four men were swept to their deaths.


A History of Coal Mining in Great Britain

First publised in 1882 The History of Coal Mining in Great Britain not only describes in great detail the struggles of the early miners but details the development of modern society as a result of coal mining. A truly amazing record of the evolution of not only coal, but man kind.