Managing Major Hazards – Lessons from the Moura 2 Disaster

If you have read the Moura 2 Inquiry Report you also need to read this book. The book discusses many deeper contributory factors than the actual Warden’s Inquiry Report and the Coroner’s Report. It is an excellent analysis of the matters which ultimately led to the explosion which resulted in the deaths of 11 miners. It underpins the awakening to the concept of risk consequence and Principal Hazards (in mining). That catastrophic risk is different to personal risk. That process management is necessary and catastrophic risk cannot be controlled by mine workers with limited knowledge of the hazard and the level of risk. All I can say is that this book is another excellent analysis of factors which contributed to the disaster, each one a lost opportunity to prevent it. A failure to learn these lessons will almost certainly result in the repeat of the same mistakes at some future time. Reading the book will be a lot easier than reading another inquiry report, and a lot less expensive.