Peter Jones 2011

03/06/2011 - Chain Valley Colliery - Crush Injury, Strata / Rib Fall

At 1.55pm on June 3, 2011 a 4.8 metre slab of coal fell from the rib (wall) onto Mr Jones. The slab broke in two when it hit the ground and Mr Jones was trapped under a 2.3 metre piece weighing about 1.3 tonnes. The crew freed Mr Jones within eight minutes of the incident. Mr Jones was taken to pit bottom where he was having difficulty breathing. Mr Jones was transferred to a drift dolly car for transport to the surface and was given CPR from his co-workers.

At 2pm, the Ambulance Service responded to a phone call from Chain Valley Colliery. At 2.08pm the NSW Police Force was notified of the incident. At 2.11pm the first ambulance paramedic arrived at surface pit top and further paramedics arrived at 2.18pm

At 2.44pm the first paramedic had contact with Mr Jones when the drift dolly car reached the surface of the mine. Ambulance records indicate Mr Jones’ condition was Code 2 (in arrest) with CPR in progress. Mr Jones was taken to Wyong Base Hospital. Mr Jones was declared deceased at 3.11pm.

This accident claimed the life of Peter Thomas Jones