Brunner 1896

26/03/1896 - Brunner Mine / Explosives, Coal Dust Explosion

The explosion was the result of ignition of coal dust from ‘blown out shot’ fired contrary to rules of the mine, in a part of the mine where no one should havebeen working.

Miners believed there had been an accumulation of methane and inadequate ventilation, which was not accepted by the commission.

Secondly, by the ignition of the coal-gas evolved from the surrounding coal, as the result of the shot and the spreading of the flame throughout the dry portions of the mine.

 Thirdly, by the explosion of the coal-dust raised by the concussion along the main road and working-places, which explosion might in some cases have been locally intensified by small quantities of firedamp, or by concussion in confined places and ignition thereby of inflammable gases in close levels.

 Fourthly, that no direct evidence was obtained that the explosion was commenced by an accumulation of firedamp, or that its extreme violence was due to the combustion of firedamp mixed with coal-dust

This accident claimed the lives of 65 people.