2010 Curragh Roll Over

31/08/2010 - Curragh - Vehicle / Roll over

WITNESSES to a fatality at Westfarmers Curragh Mine said they saw a four-wheel drive skid on a stretch of unsealed haul road which may have just been dampened by a water truck.

The crash claimed the life of James Brunswick, a 55-year-old contractor from Woombye on Tuesday.

Witness statements to police investigating the fatality on ramp 16 at the mine described the Toyota troop carrier beginning a rear skid on a stretch of unsealed haul road.

It is believed a water truck had just dampened down that section of road.

The vehicle lost traction and slid sideways before it overbalanced and rolled as it hit a drier section of dirt.

It was due to a number of causal factors:

    1. Uneven wear on tyres / not same tyres on front and back
    1. Wet/dry interface
    1. Jim wasn’t wearing seatbelt.  All others in the car were, and they survived.

This accident claimed the life of James Brunswick