Samuel Pugh 2004

17/08/2004 - Highway Reward Mine - Fall / Rock fall

Mr Pugh died as a result of injuries sustained when struck by a falling rock.

This accident claimed the life of Samuel Pugh


(1) The mines inspectorate facilitate a workshop with the Queensland Metalliferous Mining Industry with the goal of establishing an industry Guidance Note for safe operation near open voids, particularly stopes.

(2) In relation to the Mining, Quarry and Safety and Health Act of 1999 the Mines Inspectorate review, with industry consultation, the issues surrounding fitness for work and the general health surveillance of workers.

(3) Effective communication is the cornerstone of emergency response in underground mines. Where practicable, immediately accessible 2-way communication should be available to workers at all times.

(4) Communication/directives between the principal and the contractor should be accurate and clearly defined, particularly in respect to matters that may have safety and health implications.

(5) The results, findings and recommendations of safety audits and inspections should be made available to all workers and actioned by management in a timely manner.