Rodney Maddox 1990

19/11/1990 - Oakleigh Number Three Colliery - Crush Injury / Roof fall

At approximately 10.00 am on 19 November 1990, miner Rodney Elwyn Maddox was operating a Lee Norse 38H continuous miner, extracting pillars in the Glenco section of the mine. A number of shuttle cars had been filled when the section deputy indicated to Maddox that he should switch off and listen. At this moment there was an immediate and substantial roof collapse and several large slabs of sandstone roof pinned Maddox against the machine which he had been attempting to leave at the time.

This accident claimed the life of Rodney Elwyn Maddox


  • It is strongly recommended that extraction should be designed to develop a straight and continuous goaf line.
  • Pillar extraction systems should be subject to continuous review.
  • The use of breaker line supports be encouraged.