Darren Burgess 2008

24/07/2008 - Myuna Colliery - Workplace Injury

On 24 July 2008 at about 5.30pm, Mr Darren Burgess, was operating the rib bolter (bolting rig) of a Mobile Bolter. He apparently stood a drill steel on the perforated decking that formed the work area floor after drilling a rib hole, resting the top of the drill steel on the butterfly plates. The top of the drill steel fell between the operator’s control panel and rested above the rib bolter carriageway.

It appears the drill head of the bolter, while being retracted after pushing a bolt into the rib, caught the top of the drill steel causing it to bend and be placed under tension. The lower end of the drill steel, the drill bit, appears to have been caught in a perforation of the flooring.

The drill bit suddenly and violently released from the flooring striking Mr Burgess on the foot.  While recovering from this injury Mr Burgess had a massive heart attack on 3 September 2008 and was pronounced dead on 4 September 2008 as a result of his workplace injuries.

This accident claimed the life of Darren Burgess


Strategies to prevent recurrence

  • Safe design of mobile bolters
  • Improved design
  • Design strategies
  • Duty to provide information
  • Review supplied plant before operation