Paul Strong 2004

29/05/2004 - Mount Thorley Warkworth Mine - Crush Injury / Vehicle

Paul James Strong was pronounced deceased at 1 am on 29th May 2004 at John Hunter Hospital.  He died of multiple injuries sustained when he was crushed by the tyre of a Komatsu 730E earthmover truck, in a work related accident.  The tyre was 3.45 metres in diameter, almost one metre wide and weighed, with rim, over 4 tonnes.

This accident claimed the life of Paul Strong


1)      That all mine operators in New South Wales ensure that systems are in place to prevent persons from operating vehicle loading cranes whilst standing in hazardous positions.  These should include vehicle loading crane tyre handlers and remote controlled VLC’s.

2)      That the Department of Primary Industries makes appropriate application to Standards Australia and upon receipt of such appropriately made application, Standards Australia form a project team to develop an Australia and New Zealand Standard for the safe use of Remote Controls for mining equipment, having specific application to radio controlled tyre handlers used on the surface of mines.