John Baira 1991

21/04/1991 - Isa Mine, Mount Mount Isa Mines Limited - Burns / Molten lead fell from crane

John Phillip BAIRA received serious burn injuries when a pot of molten lead fell from a crane at the lead smelter, Isa Mine, on 21 April 1991.

This accident claimed the life of John Phillip Baira


We note the upgraded crane daily check card which now provides for inspection of hooks, top bearing and locking pin.

We concur with the recommendations put forward by registered manager Mr Keith Ramus and adopt them accordingly:

Institute immediately shift checks on all hook locking bolts on the three lead smelter aisle cranes.  This has already been initiated. This to be done by the crane driver on the crane check card.

Institute immediately scheduled checks on all hook locking bolts on all other cranes across the Mount Isa mine lease.

Lead smelter maintenance to inspect for the presence of correctly fitted locking bolts on all overhauled hook assemblies on receipt from the main workshops and immediately on installation to a crane.

The main workshops prepare a written procedure detailing the steps involved in overhauling hook assemblies and a formalised system of inspection of the work done.