Jusuf Vrbic 1991

13/03/1991 - Cracow Mine - Collapse

The deceased received fatal injuries when the muck in a draw point which had hung up collapsed and buried him while he was placing an explosive charge. In failing to observe industry standard practices, and ignoring his own extensive experience, the deceased exposed himself to grave danger when he entered the draw point beyond the protection of the brow, climbed a ladder, and attempted to place an explosive charge in the hang up. At this point, the hang up let go. It is unknown why the deceased, with his considerable experience, ignored basic safety rules and common sense, in attempting to set the charge in this manner.


A general induction for all employees should include class-room instruction and assessment to ensure all inductees have an adequate grasp of safe working practices as outlined in the company handbook. This should precede the general underground induction carried out on the job.

In addition, each employee who has responsibility for carrying out the procedures covered by the approved schemes shall receive specific and detailed instructions on the procedures outlined in these schemes.

Supervisors should ensure that adequate equipment and materials to complete procedures as outlined in the company handbook and relevant approved schemes are available in close proximity to the work site and checked on a regular basis.

That refresher training be undertaken on selected topics from the company's handbook at regular intervals in work groups on the job.

We note that there is now an approved method of dealing with hang ups and ore passes in place at the mine.