Ian Haigh 1992

15/12/1992 - Gregory Mine - Fall

In late 1992 two D-11N caterpillar dozers were delivered to the Gregory mine some sixty kilometres north-east of Emerald by Hastings Deering. One dozer was delivered in parts, assembled on site in the workshop, commissioned and handed over. The second dozer was delivered in parts and was in the process of being assembled on 15 December 1992. Assembly was being carried out by Ian William Haigh, an employee of Hastings Deering, assisted by Ronald William Stokes, an employee of Gregory Mine. The deceased was observed by a number of persons to be working on the dozer after nine a.m. on 15 December 1992, and in particular he was seen working in the vicinity of the right hand blade left-cylinder trunnion.

Sometime later there was the sound of tools falling on the concrete floor, and a short time after that Mr Haigh was found on the floor. The alarm was raised and first aid was rendered very quickly. An ambulance then conveyed Mr Haigh to the Emerald hospital. He was later transferred to the Rockhampton base hospital where he passed away 16 December 1992.


Mine management must ensure that contractors coming on site must have appropriate safe working procedures and practices in place for the work to be performed.

In future tender documents should match specific provision for the safe method of work based on a detailed risk assessment of the proposed project.

Management should seriously consider that workplace inductions should take place in addition to general induction.

Hastings Deering through the caterpillar system should advise all D-11N operators of potential hazards due to sockets not able to be correctly fitted to bolts on blade lift cylinder trunnion caps.