Brett Duffie 1996

23/11/1996 - Selwyn Mine - Vehicle / Forklift overturned

Brett Grant Duffie was fatally injured at approximately 6:00 pm on Saturday 23 November 1996 when the Toyota 025FD25, 2.5 tonne industrial truck (forklift), unit number S140FL02 which he was operating, overturned on the rear access roadway between the warehouse and the maintenance workshop.  From the evidence adduced it would appear the forklift operator lost control of the unit shortly after crossing a slight depression or spoon drain which crossed its path.

Two witnesses reported unusual clanging sounds, most probably caused by the bouncing behaviour on the unit as it travelled along the roadway. This bouncing behaviour was reported by two witnesses and tyre scuff marks on the eastern side of the spoon drain indicate that the unit's tyres were not in continuous contact with the road surface.

Photographic evidence indicates that this motion became progressively worse until the unit rolled onto it's right side.

Duffie was thrown out of the unit and was crushed by the cabin roof structure.

This accident claimed the life of Brett Grant Duffie


The recommendations of the reviewers are as follows:

1. Forklift trucks must be equipped with a restraining device such as a seatbelt regardless of the date of manufacture which will restrain the operator within the safety cage of the forklift in the event of a rollover.

2. Forklift trucks used on mine sites must be suitable for the terrain the machine is to be operated on. Small narrow machines are undesirable for use on rough, unsealed surfaces.