Glenn Burrows 1996

04/06/1996 - Mt Isa Mine (Area 2) - Fall

Glenn Burrows was walking or standing on the flotation level western walkway in the Mount Isa Mines copper concentrator building when an unsecured grating gave way beneath him. He fell 8.25 metres to the concrete floor below, possibly striking a floor joist and pipe in the process.

This accident claimed the life of Glenn Burrows


Safe work procedures should be developed and implemented with input from and in co-operation with a vertical cross section of the workforce affected by and competent in the work to be performed.

Safe work procedures should include audit mechanisms.

Company safety management systems be expanded to include training for a wide cross section of the workforce in relation to hazard identification and risk management.

That a specific training module on hazard identification be included in the induction and refresher training for all employees.

A means of tracking work carried out on items of equipment or delineated areas of structures be instituted.

We are concerned about the level of non-compliance with present regulations, mine site rules and standard work procedures. We strongly believe that management and all persons employed should comply with these rules and procedures and work in accordance with the methods in which they were trained.