Wayne Jackson 1996

06/10/1996 - Mt Isa Lead Mine - Fall / Fall into stope

On Sunday 6 October 1996 Mr Wayne Anthony Corry Jackson, backfill mucker, sustained fatal injuries after the EIMCO 913 LHD mucking unit number 2510 he was operating on the 16D8 bench on 17E sub-level fell fifteen (15) metres into the stope to 17D sub-level of the lead mine, area 2 Mount Isa Mines.

This accident claimed the life of Wayne Anthony Corry Jackson


Where a vertical edge will be used as a backfill/tipping location, a stop log should be constructedin accordance with a procedure developed using a recognised risk management process.

Backfilling and tipping into stopes is to be carried out by competent personnel only and in accordance with the procedure developed by the above process.

Supervisors allocating tasks should ensure that those carrying out the tasks are fully aware of the risks involved, have the correct equipment and are aware of the correct procedures to carry out the task.

Supervisors must frequently audit use of correct equipment and procedures and must take appropriate action when non-compliance is observed.

Communications between management and employees must be improved to ensure that the commitment to and understanding of safe operations is mutual. It is recommended that a working group consisting of a cross section of all levels of employees be established to identify barriers to effective communications and determine means of removing these barriers.

1. Current redrafting of standard work instructions should continue.
2. Formal auditing procedures should be implemented to ensure that the standard work instructions are soundly established, maintained and observed.