David Stratton 1997

19/06/1997 - Isa Mines, Scrap Metal Yard - Crush Injury / Vehicle

At approximately 12.25 am on Thursday 19 June 1997 Mr David Ronald Stratton received fatal injuries when he was crushed between a Komatsu PC400LC-6 excavator/loader serial number 30074 and the offside of a tri-axle trailer unit, W.A. registration number N 2127.

This accident claimed the life of David Ronald Stratton


1. The operator of the komatsu excavator/loader or similar unit shall maintain a twenty-five(25) metre exclusion zone around the machine.

2. A person shall not enter the exclusion zone of an operating machine until they communicate with and receive the approval of the operator. A person shall not enter the zone within the swing radius of the machine unless the engine speed is reduced to idle and the implements lowered to the ground.

3. The mines inspectorate should in conjunction with industry continue investigations into the feasibility and development of improvements in operator visibility and movement warning devices for mobile plant.

4. Machines fitted with modifications that restrict the operators view should be subjected to a risk assessment to ensure that operating practices do not place people at unacceptable risk.