John Barber 1997

04/06/1997 - Deep Copper Mine, Isa Lease - Vehicle / Fall into stope

John Charles Barber sustained fatal injuries at approximately 17:50 on 4 June 1997, when the Elphinstone R2800 load haul dump (LHD), unit No 1884, which he was operating, entered the open Q621 Stope in the Deep Copper mine section of the Isa Mine. At the time of the accident he was cleaning up in the Q621 access and drill drives on 24A sub-level and appears to have reversed the LHD into the stope. The unit fell about 125 metres to the bottom of the stope on 26 Level.

There were no witnesses to the accident.

This accident claimed the life of John Charles Barber


(1) Physical Barriers

(2) Job Instruction

(3) Job Inspection

(4) Hazard Assessment

(5) Competency of Supervisors

(6) Visibility around Hazardous Openings