Sang Chul Kim 1999

27/04/1999 - Phosphate Mill Mine - Fall

Sang Chul Kim sustained fatal injuries at about 9.45 am on Tuesday, 27 April 1999 as a result ofhis falling from the top of the No 1003 sulphuric acid storage tank at the WMC Fertilizer Project, Phosphate Hill.

This accident claimed the life of Sang Chul Kim


1. In similar situations, a comprehensive risk assessment in accordance with the provisions of AS/4360, Risk Management be conducted and that the risk treatment options adopted be instrict accordance with the hierarchy of control.

2. This would require appropriate action to be taken to reduce the level of risk associated with a particular task to the lowest acceptable level.

3. When work methods or conditions vary from the standard procedure or from the method or conditions anticipated on a JSA, a new site specific JSA must be developed. The development of this JSA must involved the participation of the work crew.

4. Periodic external audit of safety management systems should be undertaken to ensure compliance with documented procedures. This should also include the Mines Regulation Act, workplace health and safety standards, worksafe australian standards, and other codes as applicable.

5. Competency based training in risk management should be provided to all employees. This training should be tailored to meet the needs of the individual employee.