Shane Slotosch

01/03/1990 - Southern Colliery - Vehicle / Brake failure

Shane was operating a Cat 966C front end loader cleaning out a drain along the highwall near the transport portal of Southern Colliery, German Creek Mine, Capricorn Coal, near Middlemount.

It is the considered opinion of the panel from the evidence before us the loader reversed; engine stalled; machine out of control because of the poor braking efficiency as described previous. The deceased was unable to gain control by (1) restarting the engine of the machine; (2) steering the machine away from the portal entrance; (3) by applying service or park brakes. They were the only means available to him. The panel is unable to ascertain exactly what happened to him in the chain of events of going down the  </

This accident claimed the life of 1 person.


Recommendations of the panel are:

(1) a proper and efficient defect reporting system be adopted in conjunction with the mines inspector and state check Inspector and all personnel are to be instructed on this procedure;

(2) where possible, mobile equipment working in wet and slurry conditions be fitted with an enclosed oil 1mmersed wet braking system:

(3) where it is not possible to equip mobile equipment with this braking system in this type of environment, a more rigid inspection of braking system be carried out, particular emphasis being placed on corrosion and corrosion substances, along with formalised washing out procedures;

(4) training of all personnel, including refresher training, especially where they are to work in a different area or work environment should take place to ensure that the operators are familiar with the machine and place of work;

(5) the intent of rule 7.5(4) of the general rules for the open cut coal mines 1988 are...be extended to cover all rubber tyred mobile equipment.

That's the end of the recommendations of the panel