Gregory Nicholson 1989

13/03/1989 - Mt Isa Mine (Area 2) - Inrush

Mr Nicholson sustained fatal injuries when struck by a wave of fill and water which flowed from stope K711 on sub level 19C at approximately 2.20pm

This accident claimed the life of Gregory George Nicholson


Procedures in place as result of incident
1. Any hole that intersects a stope will be detailed in the final design stope file note
2. All declined holes which intersect a particular stope will be grouted before filling of the stope commences. All other holes will be plugged or grouted
3. Before initial fill run to a stope, a review meeting will be held to establish the filling requirements for that particular stope. This will include specifying pour and rest times, number of restarts, flushing water quantities, location and status of any intersecting
holes. An individual stope filling sheet will be issued signed by the UMM responsible for fill placement and the relevant area underground manager.