Christopher Lee 2000

15/03/2000 - Jellinbah Open Cut Mine - Vehicle

On 15 March 2000, Mr Christopher John Lee was fatally injured while working under a 785 rear dump truck tray when the tray fell causing severe crush injuries.

This accident claimed the life of Christopher John Lee


  • The Department of Mines and Energy is to establish and implement a system to allow the recording and reviewing of approved training schemes throughout the industry.
  • All mines to review current management systems to ensure compliance with the current legislation and the Chief Inspector's requirements for training. This must include all on site authorisations.
  • The Department of Mines and Energy is to establish a system to identify changes in trends of risk ranking for all mines with specific reference to the frequency of inspections/audits.
  • Mines are to ensure where loads are required to be lifted fit for purpose lifting equipment and machinery must be used. Risk management techniques and reference to all relevant standards are be followed.
  • Planning for major or infrequently performed maintenance tasks must include a risk assessment.  Standard operating procedures (SOP) based on the risk assessment must be applied.
  • Personnel must apply hazard management skills while performing all tasks.
  • Supervisors should proactively enforce SOP/hazard management procedures. This should include the instigation of disciplinary procedures against personnel who do not comply with legislative and mine site requirements for hazard control and safe working procedures.
  • Management systems must include a system by which identified hazards can be accurately and easily reported, recorded and acted upon.