Opalton Opal Mine

Queensland, Australia - Opal
http://www.experiencewinton.com.au/opalton Opalton is situated 123km from Winton. It is one of the largest opal fields in Queensland and is known for the quality of opal mined. It is believed that opal was first discovered by George Cragg, a stockman from Warrnambool Station, in 1888, and the first mine was worked in 1894. At one time, Opalton was a bustling township and there were more than 600 men working the opal field, around the turn of the 20th century. Since that time, the population has dwindled to approximately 25 today. In 1899, the largest piece of pipe opal ever recorded was discovered at Opalton – it was over 10 feet (3m) long and rumoured to be as thick as a man’s leg! The majority of the journey is on an unsealed road. No food, drinks or fuel are available in Opalton. Please ensure you are fully stocked prior to your departure from Winton.

Mine Accidents that occured in this Mine

2016 Opalton Collapse

Date: 22/10/2016
Mine: Opalton Opal Mine
Fatalities: 1