Anjan Hill Explosion 2010

06/05/2010 - Anjan Hill - Explosion / Gas Explosion, Coal Dust Explosion

On the 2nd of May 2010 a routine gas sample from a sealed area detected 416 ppm CO and 43 ppm C2H4 (ethylene) and 0.09% H2.

The next day on the 3rd of May 2010 0.27% H2 (2746 ppm) 138 ppm C4H4 and 1262 ppm CO was detected. 7pm that night 2000ppm CO had been detected.

Rescue teams were arranged to strengthen the panel seals and construct a second row of seals to better isolate the panel. This continued over the 5th of May.

On the 5th of May at 4:20 pm there was a sudden gust of air that came out under pressure for approximately 1 minute. Almost unbelievably there was no smell of any noxious gases in the air. A second gust of air occurred at about 8:15 pm. At 10:10 pm another gust of air came out of  the mine adits, A and B. The third gust brought with it a burning smell of coal.

A gas sample taken at 1:05 pm on the 5th of May from the main return detected 5521 ppm CO, 0.26% CH4, 1% CO2, 100 ppm C2H6, 68 ppm C2H4. Later that night >2000 ppm was detected in the return from III seam with a smell of petrol.

On the 6th of May 2010 at 1:20 am a rescue team entered the mine to take gas samples. They had barely gone 30m when they were hit with a gust of air and dust cloud. Visibility was nil for 1 minute. There was no noxious gas in the cloud and the dust was not as hot.

On the 6th of May 2010 pot holes in the subsided area were found to be intaking air. One also had a flame burning. At 11:30 am the pot hole erupted and a 20 m flame burnt for approximately 5 minutes before subsiding to only 1m.

At 11:30 am there was a violent explosion in the mine which propagated out to the surface. Killing 6 men underground, and 8 standing who were around Adit B. 28 were injured standing around the Adit.

Rescue teams were sent underground on the 7th of May.

This accident claimed the lives of 14 people.