Anjan Hill

, India - Underground / Coal
While four rescue trained persons inside the workings of no.III seam of the mine for assessment of mine environment and two persons for collecting air samples from the return of the mine, suddenly there was methane gas explosion in the mine followed by coal dust explosion. Explosion waves laden with black cloud of hot dust came violently through Adits A&B and Air Shaft which resulted in fatal injuries to six persons due to asphyxia and inflicted serious bodily injuries to 13 persons and minor injuries to 26 persons on surface. These persons were present in and around of the Adit B at that time. Nature of injuries was burn injury of various degree and also injuries caused hitting against hard substances. Seriously injured eight persons succumbed their injuries in hospitals on various dates.

Mine Accidents that occured in this Mine

Anjan Hill Explosion 2010

Date: 06/05/2010
Mine: Anjan Hill
Mine Accident Type: Explosion / Gas Explosion, Coal Dust Explosion
Fatalities: 14